About Us

Welcome to DANCAN Pest Control,

The culmination of the innovative efforts and dedication of Daniel Aaron Naseth and Camilla Angelina Naseth. Established in 2016, DANCAN represents a commitment to excellence and innovation in pest control, setting new ,standards for quality and customer service in the industry.

Daniel Naseth

With his roots in Wiley, Texas, Daniel is a Brigham Young University alumnus whose entrepreneurial spirit and keen interest in technology, especially drone flying, have propelled DANCAN Pest Control to the forefront of the industry. His dedication to excellence and innovation is matched by his commitment to health and fitness, reflecting the dynamic and proactive approach DANCAN brings to pest control.

Camilla Naseth

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, and a proud graduate of the University of Utah, Camilla brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep respect for the environment to the company. Her expertise in operational efficiency and her passion for gardening and chickens are integral to DANCAN’s environmentally responsible practices. Camilla’s role is pivotal in shaping the strategic direction and sustainable practices of DANCAN, underscoring her significant contributions to the company’s success.

No Place Like Home

Choosing the DFW area as their base, Daniel and Camilla were driven by a shared vision to offer a service that stands apart in its commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. Their synergy has not only established DANCAN as a leader in pest control but also as a company deeply embedded in the community it serves.

From our Family to Yours

Balancing their professional achievements with a rich family life, Daniel and Camilla actively engage in their four children’s lives, sharing in activities such as baseball and soccer. This commitment to family and community is a cornerstone of DANCAN, reflecting the Naseths’ belief in the value of hard work, integrity, and community support.

DANCAN Pest Control embodies the innovation, commitment, and community spirit of its founders. The journey of Daniel and Camilla Naseth from their diverse backgrounds to the establishment of a leading pest control service in DFW is a testament to their dedication to excellence and making a positive impact in the industry and their community.

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