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DANCAN Pest Control proudly serves Grapevine, TX, offering unparalleled expertise and unbeatable solutions to keep your home pest-free.

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Decades of Expertise

With over 25 years of experience, our seasoned team at DANCAN Pest Control brings a legacy of unwavering commitment to the forefront of the pest control industry. Our extensive years of pest control experience uniquely position us as the go-to experts for tackling any bug problems, from bed bugs to carpenter ants. Trust in our established reputation, built over decades, as we continue to excel in providing effective and professional pest control treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Pest-Free Living in Grapevine, TX

Grapevine, TX, boasts a picturesque landscape with rolling hills and the scenic Grapevine Lake, creating an inviting environment. However, such natural features can also attract pests. At DANCAN Pest Control, we understand the unique challenges posed by the local landscape, and our seasoned experts provide tailored solutions to keep your home pest-free.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

At DANCAN Pest Control, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. We proudly back our services with a satisfaction guarantee. If any issues arise between regular services, a simple call is all it takes. Our dedicated technician will promptly revisit, treating any problem areas at no additional charge, ensuring your peace of mind and a pest-free home.

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Local Expertise & Family-Owned Dedication

As a local, family-owned pest control company, DANCAN Pest Control intimately understands the unique pest challenges faced by Grapevine, TX, and its neighboring areas. Our comprehensive services cover everything from bed bugs to carpenter ants, ensuring tailored solutions to specific pest challenges. Trust us for effective pest management that aligns with the unique demands of the local environment.

pest control technician treating the exterior of a home

Targeting Pests with Precision

Equipped to handle a diverse array of pests, DANCAN Pest Control specializes in eradicating the most common nuisances prevalent in Grapevine, TX, and the surrounding regions. From bed bugs to carpenter ants, our expert technicians employ comprehensive pest control treatments, ensuring your home remains a pest-free haven tailored to the specific challenges of the local environment.


roof rat rodent in a tree

DANCAN Pest Control specializes in comprehensive rodent control, addressing issues with Norway rats, roof rats, and other rodent problems. Our expert technicians employ effective strategies, including strategically placed mouse traps, to eliminate current infestations and prevent future rodent issues in your home or business. Trust us to provide tailored solutions, ensuring a rodent-free environment.

Ants & Fire Ants

fire ant pests running across a wooden deck

Count on DANCAN Pest Control to effectively address any ant problem, including the persistent challenge posed by fire ants. Our expert technicians conduct thorough assessments to identify entry points and nesting areas, implementing targeted treatments to eliminate existing colonies and prevent future infestations. Trust us to provide tailored solutions, ensuring your home remains ant-free.

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Complimentary Initial Inspections

At DANCAN Pest Control, every service begins with a meticulous and free pest inspection, taking into account the size of your home and the specific type of pest challenges you may be facing. Our pest control experts conduct a thorough assessment to provide you with a detailed understanding of your pest situation. This commitment to precision ensures that the subsequent treatment plan is tailored to address the kind of pests unique to your property, and you receive a free quote or estimate that aligns with your specific needs.


termite pests coming out of a mud tube

As a leading termite control company, DANCAN Pest Control employs proactive measures to safeguard your home from the threat of termite infestation. Our expert technicians conduct thorough termite inspections, identifying vulnerable areas and implementing targeted treatments to ensure the long-term protection of your property. Trust us to provide effective and reliable solutions, keeping your home termite-free.


mosquito pests

Combatting the risks of Zika virus and West Nile virus, DANCAN Pest Control offers specialized mosquito treatments tailored to the seasons. Our experts conduct thorough assessments, identifying breeding grounds and implementing targeted interventions. With our seasonal mosquito treatment, we create a protective barrier around your home, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment for you and your family.

pest control professional conducting an inspection

Pest Inspections for Real Estate

DANCAN Pest Control is your trusted partner for all real estate inspections, ensuring a thorough assessment of properties during transactions. Our expert technicians conduct comprehensive pest inspections, providing detailed reports to facilitate seamless real estate transactions. Count on us to deliver reliable and efficient services, safeguarding your real estate investment.


black widow spider pest

DANCAN Pest Control employs targeted strategies to protect your home from spiders, addressing spider problems with precision. Our expert technicians conduct thorough inspections to identify common hiding spots, implementing effective treatments that ensure a spider-free environment. Trust us to provide personalized solutions, tailored to the specific spider challenges in your home.


scorpion pest in ultraviolet light

Count on DANCAN Pest Control to shield your home from scorpions with expert treatments. Our specialized strategies effectively target scorpion populations, ensuring your living space remains safe and scorpion-free. Trust us to provide proactive solutions, addressing the unique challenges posed by scorpions in your environment.

Unmatched Expertise in Diverse Pest Challenges

With over 25 years of invaluable experience, DANCAN Pest Control has successfully conquered a myriad of pests, showcasing our prowess in the pest control industry. While our seasoned team is well-versed in addressing common pests, we eagerly welcome the opportunity to tackle any new challenges that may arise. Trust us to bring our wealth of expertise to ensure your home remains a pest-free haven, no matter the nature of the infestation.

Comprehensive Pest Control for Homes & Businesses

DANCAN Pest Control extends its expert services to both homes and businesses, catering to the unique pest control needs of each environment. Our dedicated team ensures that residential and commercial spaces alike benefit from our comprehensive and effective pest management solutions, creating pest-free environments for all our valued clients.

BBB A+ Rating Badge

Grapevine ​Industry Excellence

DANCAN Pest Control holds an A+ rating with the Grapevine BBB, a testament to our commitment to top-notch service. We also maintain a close affiliation with the NPMA, ensuring industry best practices in every pest control solution we provide. Trust us for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Pet-Safe & Family-Friendly

DANCAN Pest Control prioritizes the safety of your loved ones, offering products specifically designed to be pet-safe and family-friendly. Our commitment extends beyond effective pest control, ensuring a secure environment for both your family and pets. Trust us for solutions that provide peace of mind without compromising on safety.

family and pets pest-free at home

Our Pest Control Process

At DANCAN Pest Control, our process is designed to deliver effective and comprehensive pest control solutions for homes and businesses. Here’s a glimpse into our method:

1. Thorough Inspection:

Our expert technicians begin with a detailed assessment of your property to identify existing issues and potential vulnerabilities.

2. Customized Treatment Plans:

Based on the inspection, we create tailored treatment plans that address your specific pest control needs.

3. Targeted Treatments:

Employing state-of-the-art methods, we implement precise treatments to eliminate current infestations.

4. Preventative Measures:

Our approach extends beyond eradication, incorporating preventive measures to keep pests from returning.

5. Environmentally Friendly Solutions:

We prioritize environmentally friendly pest control solutions, ensuring the safety of your family and surroundings.

6. Regular Maintenance:

For ongoing protection, we offer regular maintenance services to keep your property pest-free.

7. Customer Education:

Throughout the process, we educate our clients on effective pest control practices, empowering them to contribute to a pest-free environment.

Trust DANCAN Pest Control for a systematic and thorough pest control process that prioritizes your safety and ensures lasting results.

pest control technician treating the exterior of a home

A Hand-Picked Pest Control Team

At DANCAN Pest Control, we uphold a stringent hiring process, ensuring we recruit only the best pest control technicians in the industry. Our team consists of highly trained and skilled professionals, dedicated to providing unparalleled service. Trust us for top-tier expertise in addressing your pest control needs.

Our Unsung Office Heroes

Behind the scenes, our office team at DANCAN Pest Control plays a pivotal role as the unsung heroes of our success, excelling in delivering great customer service. Their dedication ensures seamless communication, efficient scheduling, and overall client satisfaction. We recognize and value their integral contribution to maintaining our reputation for exceptional service and customer care. Trust us to go beyond pest control, providing an unparalleled customer experience.

What Sets Our Technicians Apart

At DANCAN Pest Control, we take pride in our team of clean-cut and professional technicians. Setting a higher standard than other pest control companies, our technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service with a touch of professionalism.

Professional Appearance:

Our technicians maintain a clean-cut and professional appearance, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Courteous Communication:

They engage with clients in a professional and courteous manner, ensuring a positive interaction throughout the service.

Expertise in Pest Problem Resolution:

With a wealth of expertise, our technicians go beyond treating the symptoms, addressing the root cause of your pest problem.


We understand the value of your time, and our technicians prioritize punctuality, arriving promptly for scheduled appointments.

Respect for Your Property:

Our professionals treat your home or business with the utmost respect, ensuring minimal disruption while efficiently resolving pest issues.

Choose DANCAN Pest Control for a team of technicians who not only excel in pest control expertise but also embody professionalism, setting us apart from other providers in the industry.

Experience the DANCAN Difference

In conclusion, at DANCAN Pest Control, we bring over 25 years of expertise to the forefront, delivering unparalleled solutions for homes and businesses in Grapevine, TX. Our local, family-owned approach ensures personalized services that address the unique pest challenges of the area. Trust our clean-cut and professional technicians to provide thorough inspections, customized treatment plans, and environmentally friendly solutions. Experience the difference with DANCAN Pest Control – call today for a free quote and embark on the journey to a pest-free environment.

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