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Effective Rodent Control Services in Highland Village, TX

At DANCAN Pest Control, we understand the serious problems that a rodent infestation can pose for Highland Village property owners.

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Highland Village Experience & Expertise

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in Highland Village pest control, DANCAN Pest Control has consistently delivered top-notch services to Highland Village residents. Our extensive expertise allows us to approach every Highland Village pest control challenge with confidence, offering tailored solutions that are effective, safe, and reliable. You can trust our seasoned professionals to protect your home or business from pest infestations with unmatched knowledge and skill.

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Getting to the Root of the Problem

With our years of experience in dealing with rat and other rodent infestations in Highland Village and the surrounding areas, we know that a rodent population thrives in an area with abundant food sources, such as garbage cans, pet food, and bird feeders. These rodents can easily find entry points into homes and commercial buildings, leaving behind rodent droppings, urine, and other signs of rodent activity. Harnessing this knowledge, we proactively address food sources and entry points, ensuring that your Highland Village property remains rodent-free, safeguarding your well-being and peace of mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At DANCAN Pest Control, your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our rodent control services in Highland Village, Texas, with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that your property remains rodent-free and protected. If you’re not fully satisfied with our services, we will work diligently to address any concerns and provide effective

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The Importance of Rodent Control

Effective rodent control is paramount in Highland Village, Texas, where rat infestations can lead to property damage, health concerns, and stress. Here’s why rodent control matters:

Property Damage

Rodent infestations, including Norway rats and roof rats, can cause extensive structural damage to your property, leading to costly repairs and compromised building integrity.

Health Risks

Rodents carry diseases and allergens, posing a direct threat to your family’s well-being. Contaminated food sources and surfaces can spread harmful bacteria and trigger respiratory issues.

Rodent Bites

Though small, the bite of an infected rodent can carry significant health risks, potentially leading to infections and the transmission of diseases.

Food Contamination

Effective rodent control safeguards your food supply by preventing contamination and foodborne illnesses, reducing waste, and protecting your family’s health.

Structural Integrity

Beyond property damage, rodent infestations can undermine your property’s foundation and long-term stability. Timely control prevents hazardous structural issues.

Psychological Stress

Rodent infestations can lead to emotional distress, causing stress and anxiety. Effective control ensures a safe and comfortable living environment, reducing psychological stress.

Prioritizing rodent control safeguards your property and health. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate, ensuring a rodent-free environment in Highland Village, Texas. Trust DANCAN Pest Control for expert solutions.

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Timely Intervention for Rat Issues

Rat infestations in Highland Village demand immediate attention. Rat activity can result in structural damage and health risks, including diseases like rat-bite fever and allergies due to rat droppings and rodent urine. We understand the urgency and are equipped to handle these issues in a timely manner.

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Tailored Rodent Control Program

Our rodent and rat control services in Highland Village, TX, are customized to meet the unique pest control needs of the area. We utilize a variety of methods, including bait boxes and glue boards, ensuring an effective and tailored approach to rat control.

Common Rodents in Highland Village, Texas

When it comes to rodent control in Highland Village, it’s crucial to be aware of the variety of rodents that may be encountered. Here are some of the most common rodent species found in the area:

Black Rats

Black rats, also known as roof rats, are agile climbers and frequently nest in elevated areas, such as attics and trees. They can access buildings through small entry points.

Norway Rats

Norway rats, sometimes referred to as brown rats or sewer rats, are adaptable rodents commonly found in urban settings. They often seek food sources in garbage cans and can pose health risks due to their affinity for occupying sewer systems.

Cotton Rats

Cotton rats are smaller rodents that often infest agricultural areas, including fields and crop storage facilities. They can also seek shelter in homes.

House Mice

House mice are small rodents known for infiltrating homes and businesses. They can squeeze through tiny openings and are often found in kitchens, basements, and storage areas.

Field Mice

Field mice, also known as meadow voles, are typically outdoor rodents that inhabit grassy areas and fields. They can occasionally venture indoors, especially during colder months.

Understanding the rodent species prevalent in Highland Village, Texas, is essential for effective rodent control and prevention. DANCAN Pest Control specializes in managing and eradicating these rodent species to keep your property rodent-free and safe.

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Signs of Rodents: How to Know if You Have a Rodent Infestation

Detecting the early signs of a rodent infestation is crucial for timely intervention. If you notice any of the following indicators, it’s essential to take action promptly:


The presence of small rodent feces, often resembling dark pellets, near food sources, or in hidden areas, is a clear sign of rodents.

Gnaw Marks

Look for chewed wires, wood, and insulation, as rodents frequently gnaw on these materials, causing property damage.

Nesting Materials

Finding shredded paper, fabric, or other materials used for nesting in your home or business can indicate rodent activity.


Listen for scratching or scurrying noises, especially at night, as rodents are nocturnal and active when it’s dark.


A persistent foul odor in specific areas, caused by rodent urine, rat droppings, or the rodents themselves, is a telltale sign.


Rodents may leave tracks or footprints in dusty or less-trafficked areas, providing visual evidence of their presence.

Holes and Entry Points

Check for small holes or gaps in walls, floors, and foundations, as rodents use these as entry points.

Nesting Sites

Inspect attics, basements, and hidden areas for nests made of materials like shredded paper, insulation, or fabric.

Recognizing these signs early on allows for prompt rodent control measures, preventing further property damage and health risks associated with infestations. If you suspect a rodent problem, contact DANCAN Pest Control for a free inspection and professional assistance.

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Proven Rodent Control Methods

When it comes to rat control, we use only the most effective solutions. Our professional exterminators use tamper-resistant bait stations with rodenticide baits, snap traps, and live traps strategically to ensure the best results. We’re committed to proper methods and responsible pest management, ensuring that we not only remove rats but also prevent future infestations.

Our Effective Rodent Control Process

At DANCAN Pest Control, we follow a systematic and thorough approach to ensure effective rodent control in Highland Village:

  1. Inspection: Our team begins with a free estimate and comprehensive inspection of your property to identify signs of rodent activity, entry points, and nesting sites.
  2. Assessment: We assess the type and severity of the rodent infestation, considering factors like the rodent species and the extent of property damage.
  3. Customized Plan: Based on our findings, we develop a customized rodent control plan tailored to your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your property.
  4. Treatment: We use a combination of proven methods, including bait stations, snap traps, and live traps, to address the rodent infestation effectively and safely.
  5. Exclusion: We seal entry points and potential access areas to prevent future rodent incursions into your property.
  6. Monitoring: Our professional exterminators continually monitor and evaluate the success of our rodent control efforts, making adjustments as needed.
  7. Prevention: We provide guidance on maintaining proper sanitation and minimizing attractants to deter any future rodent population.
  8. Follow-Up: After the initial treatment, we schedule follow-up visits to ensure that your property remains rodent-free, offering peace of mind.

Our commitment to effective rodent control means that your Highland Village property is in expert hands. Count on DANCAN Pest Control for thorough, safe, and tailored solutions to keep your home or business free from rodent infestations.

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Property Damage Prevention

At DANCAN Pest Control, we don’t just focus on disease control and safeguarding your health. We also prioritize the prevention of property damage by addressing potential entry points such as small holes, floor drains, and electrical wiring.

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Professional Help for Highland Village

At DANCAN Pest Control, we are here to provide professional assistance to Highland Village residents. Whether you own a home or commercial building, our experienced team has the tools, knowledge, and treatment options required to address rat infestations promptly and effectively.

Preventing Rodent Infestations

Proactive measures can help protect your home or business from rodent infestations. Consider the following tips:

  1. Seal Entry Points: Identify and seal gaps, cracks, and holes in walls, foundations, and roofs to deny rodents access.
  2. Proper Food Storage: Store food items in airtight containers and keep pet food securely sealed to reduce attractants.
  3. Regular Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness by regularly cleaning kitchen areas, disposing of garbage properly, and eliminating food crumbs.
  4. Remove Clutter: Declutter storage areas to minimize hiding spots for rodents and make inspections easier.
  5. Trim Vegetation: Trim overgrown bushes and trees near buildings to reduce potential rodent pathways.
  6. Inspect for Leaks: Fix any plumbing leaks promptly to eliminate water sources that attract rodents.
  7. Secure Trash Bins: Use secure, lidded trash bins and avoid overfilling them to discourage scavenging.
  8. Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections for signs of rodent activity, such as droppings, gnaw marks, and nests.
  9. Professional Maintenance: Consider professional Highland Pest pest control services, like DANCAN Pest Control, for preventive treatments and expert guidance.

By following these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of rodent infestations in your Highland Village property, ensuring a rodent-free environment.

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Contact Us for Effective Rodent Control

If you’re dealing with a rat or rodent infestation in Highland Village, TX, don’t let it take over. Contact DANCAN Pest Control for a free inspection and estimate. Our professionals will assess evidence of rodent infestations, set traps, and provide the best methods for rat removal and control.

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