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Efficient Pest Control Solutions in The Colony, TX

We are DANCAN Pest Control, a pest control company in The Colony, TX, committed to maintaining a pest-free environment for your home or business.

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A Legacy of Dedication:
DANCAN’s 25-Year Journey

With a legacy of over 25 years of experience in the local pest control industry, DANCAN Pest Control has honed its expertise to perfection. Our extensive experience sets us apart, allowing us to tackle any pest issue with unmatched precision and efficiency. We take pride in our long-standing commitment to delivering exceptional pest control services.

Pest Control Harmony in The Colony

The Colony, TX, offers residents a vibrant lifestyle with its beautiful parks and stunning Lake Lewisville. However, this warm climate and abundant green spaces also attract unwanted pests like ants, spiders, and mosquitos. DANCAN Pest Control protects your Colony home, ensuring peace of mind so you can enjoy the beauty and amenities your community has to offer.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At DANCAN Pest Control, we’re dedicated to surpassing your expectations. Our promise is simple: if pests return between our scheduled visits, reach out to us. We’ll promptly send a technician to treat the issue areas without any additional charge. Your confidence in our service motivates us to continuously excel.

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Local Expertise You Can Trust

As a family-owned pest control company, we’re deeply familiar with the pest challenges unique to our community. From seasonal invaders to stubborn infestations, our local exterminators have seen it all. This local knowledge enables us to tailor specific solutions to keep your family and home safe from pests year-round.

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Pest Control for Residences & Businesses

No matter what kind of pest problem plagues your home, DANCAN Pest Control has the solution. We offer comprehensive pest control services to address all types of pest issues, from common invaders like ants, spiders, and mosquitoes to more complex infestations of rodents, bed bugs, and termites. With our expertise and experience, we can quickly and effectively eliminate any pest problem, ensuring your home remains a safe and comfortable haven for you and your family.


termite pests in a mud tube

As a leading termite control company, DANCAN Pest Control takes proactive measures to safeguard your home from termite infestations. Our approach involves a thorough inspection of your property, allowing us to identify potential vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we customize a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to eradicate existing termite issues and prevent future infestations, ensuring your home remains termite-free.


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DANCAN goes beyond the simple mouse trap for all your rodent control needs, including roof rats and Norway rats. We utilize a multi-pronged approach, from sealing entry points and eliminating nesting areas to implementing targeted baits and exclusion techniques. This ensures comprehensive protection for your Celina home, keeping you and your family safe from unwanted furry guests.

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Initial Inspection & Free Estimate

Embarking on our pest control journey, DANCAN Pest Control initiates with a complimentary inspection, assessing the size of your home and identifying any pest issues present. This thorough examination forms the basis for our personalized treatment plan, for which we provide a free quote. Experience the first step to a pest-free home with our commitment to free inspections and quotes tailored to your home’s specific needs.


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DANCAN Pest Control excels in safeguarding your home from wildlife intrusions. Our pest control experts employ humane and effective strategies for wildlife control, preventing issues related to raccoons, squirrels, and other nuisance animals. Trust us for comprehensive wildlife management, ensuring the safety and serenity of your home environment.


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DANCAN Pest Control takes proactive measures to protect you from mosquitoes, minimizing the risk of diseases like Zika virus and West Nile virus. Investing in our mosquito treatments is not just a good idea – it’s a crucial step toward creating a safe outdoor environment for you and your family. Trust us for effective mosquito control tailored to ensure your peace of mind.

Real Estate Inspections

DANCAN Pest Control extends its services to include essential pest inspections required for real estate transactions. Our thorough real estate inspections cover every type of pest, ensuring a comprehensive assessment that addresses the specific kind of pests relevant to your property. Trust us for expert pest inspections that contribute to informed and smooth real estate transactions.


scorpion pest

We provide targeted scorpion control services, safeguarding your home or business from these intruders.


ant pests

Our ant treatments are precisely targeted to eliminate ant infestations, ensuring a pest-free environment.

Mastering Pest Control in The Colony, TX:
Our Expertise in Action

Equipped with specialized training and extensive experience, we are adept at dealing with all major pests in and around The Colony, TX. Whether it’s bed bugs, yellow jackets, or any other types of pests, our skilled team employs precise techniques and the latest technology to effectively eliminate these nuisances, ensuring a pest-free environment for you.

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Crafting a Reliable Team:
Our Commitment to Excellence

At DANCAN Pest Control, our dedication extends beyond pest control services to the core of our team. We meticulously screen, recruit, and train the finest professionals, ensuring our customers receive the best possible service. Our rigorous hiring process and ongoing training programs are a testament to our commitment to excellence, guaranteeing that only the most highly-qualified individuals become a part of our pest control family.

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Exceptional Support,
Every Step of the Way

At DANCAN Pest Control, our customer service representatives and office staff are the backbone of our exceptional service. They excel in providing attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable assistance, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for our valued customers. With their dedication, your inquiries are swiftly addressed, appointments are efficiently scheduled, and concerns are met with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Professionalism Redefined:
Our Impeccable Team of Technicians

Our technicians at DANCAN Pest Control embody professionalism in every aspect of their work.  From their appearance to their conduct, we uphold a standard of cleanliness and respect that reflects our commitment to providing a top-notch service experience. Here’s what sets our technicians apart:

  1. Impeccable Presentation: Our technicians maintain a clean-cut appearance, reflecting our dedication to professionalism. Neat uniforms and a tidy demeanor are essential elements of our service approach.
  2. Expertise and Skill: Beyond appearances, our technicians are highly trained and possess the necessary skills to handle a variety of pest control challenges. Their expertise ensures a thorough and efficient job.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Our professionals prioritize excellent customer service, always ready to address your concerns and answer your questions, providing you with a seamless and respectful service experience.

Our pest control technicians are a great asset in ensuring a swift and effective solution to your pest concerns. Our technicians embody our commitment to excellence, promising a great service encounter that goes beyond pest control, leaving you with a sense of trust and satisfaction.

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Tailored Pest Solutions

Over the years, we’ve learned that no two properties or pest issues are exactly the same. At DANCAN Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor customized pest control plans to precisely address the unique demands of each situation. Our commitment to personalized solutions ensures the most effective and efficient results for our clients.

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Industry Accreditation

We take pride in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Moreover, our strong affiliation with the National Pest Management Association underlines our commitment to upholding industry standards and best practices in pest control.

Our Comprehensive Pest Control Process

At DANCAN Pest Control, our pest control process is a holistic approach designed to rid your property of pests and maintain a pest-free environment. Here’s how we go about it:

  1. Thorough Inspection: Our journey begins with a comprehensive inspection. We scrutinize every nook and cranny of your property to identify existing pest issues, potential problem areas, and pest entry points.
  2. Customized Pest Control Plan: Leveraging our findings, we design a tailored pest control plan. This plan includes the selection of appropriate treatments, the scheduling of services, and the application of preventive measures.
  3. Effective Pest Control Treatments: We employ cutting-edge techniques and the finest pest control products to eliminate pests swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s termite control, rodent removal, or insect eradication, our expert technicians have it covered.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Pest control doesn’t end with treatments. We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure long-term results. Regular visits and monitoring help us detect and address any pest resurgence promptly.
  5. Open Communication: We maintain an open line of communication with our clients, keeping you informed about the progress of our treatments and offering guidance on preventive measures you can take.
  6. Prevention: We offer valuable guidance on preventive methods to help you keep pests at bay in the future. Our commitment extends beyond extermination, empowering you with the knowledge to maintain a pest-free environment.
  7. Annual Inspection: To safeguard against potential future infestations, we conduct regular ongoing inspections. This proactive approach ensures that your property remains pest-free throughout the year.

Our systematic process, from inspection to regular maintenance and monitoring, guarantees that your property in The Colony, TX, stays free from pest issues, offering you peace of mind and a healthy environment.

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Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control Solutions

At DANCAN Pest Control, we are dedicated to being your reliable ally in conquering any and all pest concerns. With a blend of experience, expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we stand ready to provide you with exceptional pest control services tailored to your unique needs. Rest assured, we strive for a pest-free environment, offering you peace of mind and a healthier, happier space.

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